Architects design all kinds of buildings. They design Homes Commercial building schools, hospitals, hotels etc. 

The design hospitals and hotels. They also design Mosques, train stations, and plain old regular houses.

Any building that is used by people was probably designed by some architect.

The building is then built by a construction company which follows the directions of the plans for the building.

The architect will closely supervise the construction company to make sure that the building is built according to the plans.

Architects have to think of many things before they draw up the plans for a building.

First, they have to think about what the building will be used for. How many people are going to use the building at the same time?

What types of activities will these people do in the building? An office building will need lots of small rooms for offices.

A school will need many medium-sized rooms for classrooms.

And a train station will need one larger room for hundreds of people to pass thru at the same time.

All of these building must be built so that they can be used efficiently by everyone who walks through their doors.

When architects discuss what the building will be used for, they talk about the “function” of the building.

But the function of a building is just one of many things an architect has to think about when designing.

Good architects also spend a lot of time making sure a building is safely designed, and making sure the building will last for many years.

A building that is not safely designed could catch on fire or fall down on itself.

Architect Design

The architect has to design the building so that people can escape from the building in an emergency.

Of course, some emergencies, such as earthquakes, destroy even the safest buildings.

So architect has to be a good artist and good scientist when designing a building.

The building must be pleasant to look at, pleasant to work in and strong enough to be safe from most natural disasters.

Trying to do all these things at the same time is part of the challenge and excitement of being an architect.

We are a creative, energetic and skilled Architects practice based in Lahore and working all across the PAKISTAN.

We undertake a wide range of projects from small scale residential and commercial developments to work on private houses including modern extensions, extensive internal remodeling and sensitive restoration work..

What an architect does 

An architect is more than an Artist. An architect can bring life into your bricks & mortar. Our team of Architects work UET, UMT qualified Architects who have more than 20 years of practical experience.

Call KL to discuss your next project and let us design, supply and install the perfect space for you.

An architect will help you set a viable and realistic budget, guide you through the building planning process. Critically, your architect will inspect the work right through the construction period to assist you to get the quality and level of finishes you expect.

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